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Learn how to navigate the interactive dashboards, use data filters to create and download customised displays and get a better understanding of statistics


Using data filters to create customised displays

Using filters narrows the data shown in a view to focus on relevant information. Filter options vary according to each report. Note that not all reports have a filtering function. Where available, filters are located above each related graph.

To customise reports, click on the drop-down arrow key on the filter and select the filter categories required. Where multiple filters exist for a report, each filter can be selected to identify what data are included or excluded from the view.

Range of product and services

Two types of filters are used in FACS Statistics - single drop down and multi select:

  • single drop down filters allow for selection of a single value only within the filter
  • a multi-select filter may also be available for one or more filters in a graph. This allows for selection of multiple values within the one filter

Single drop down selection

The use of multi-select filters in the example below allows for a report to be customised to meet individual requirements.

Multiple selection using multiple filters

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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019