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This dashboard presents our key performance measures to improve outcomes for children and young people, families and communities in NSW in 2018-19.

Data are reported under three key state outcome areas, which are outlined in our Strategic Directions 2020-2024. The outcome areas are:

  • Active and inclusive communities
  • Children and families thrive
  • People have a safe and affordable place to live.

Active and inclusive communities

This outcome shows how we provide a range of community support to improve wellbeing, increase community participation, and promote social inclusion and cohesion for Aboriginal1 children, families and communities, older people and people with disability in NSW.

Children and families thrive

This outcome shows how we support the safety and wellbeing of vulnerable children, young people and families in NSW. It also demonstrates our effort to support and achieve the outcomes of the Premier’s Priorities of Protecting our most vulnerable children, Increasing permanency for children in out-of-home care and Reducing domestic violence reoffending.

People have a safe and affordable place to live

This outcome shows how we provide assistance for people in NSW who were unable to access or maintain appropriate housing, including homelessness services. It also demonstrates our contribution to supporting and achieving the outcome of the Premier’s Priorities of reducing homelessness.

Our results for 2018-19 and previous years

You can access historical data for 2017-18 and previous years through the Statistical Report 2017-18. You can also find a link to historical data by hovering your cursor over the 2018-19 results for each performance measure.

We will progressively release more detailed results for each performance measure over the next six weeks.


  1. At DCJ we refer only to "Aboriginal", in recognition that Aboriginal people are the original inhabitants of NSW. We do not have a specific charter of service related to Torres Strait Islander people. However, we acknowledge and respect that Torres Strait Islander people are among the First Nations of Australia. Torres Strait Islander people are also included amongst our clients and staff. Refer to Information for Aboriginal people.

View Statistical Report 2018-19

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Last updated: 09 Apr 2020