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1. Rental statistics are derived from information provided on the rental bond lodgement form that is lodged with Renting & Strata Services Branch (RSSB) of the Office of Fair Trading.

2. The geographic areas used for reporting data are as per Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS) of the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

3. For confidentiality, we do not report rents in any geographical area where the number of new bonds is 10 or less.  Statistics calculated from sample sizes between 10 and 30 are shown by an ‘s’ in the relevant table.  We suggest these data are treated with caution, particularly when assessing quarterly and annual changes.

4. The median is the value that divides a set of ordered numbers equally into a bottom half and top half.  Unlike means (averages), medians are not substantially affected by unusually high or low values.  Therefore median values are better measures of central tendency.  In addition, some tables provide first and third quartiles. These are the 25th and 75th percentiles in the set of ordered numbers.

5. Total bonds held refer to those live bonds at the last date of the quarter.  The total number of bonds held by RSSB does not equal the total number of rental properties.  The two main reasons are that at any given time some properties are vacant, and secondly that there are cases where bonds are not always required by a landlord from their tenant, for example for informal lettings.

6. New procedures have been introduced in the production of Rent and Sales tables from September 2017. This has produced a break in the rent series and comparisons with tables from old procedures (any reports prior to September 2017) may not be valid.

7. Quarterly report showing trends in private market housing prices across NSW. This document shows Rent for the December 2023 quarter.

For further information about these statistics contact FACS Insights, Analysis and Research (email:

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Last updated: 23 Feb 2024