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The data on this dashboard directly links caseworker numbers to caseworker funding and actual staff on the ground.

The revision of the RAM provided an opportunity to revisit reporting of caseworker vacancies.  The main changes in place from 2022-23 include:

  • moving from 16 sub districts to 7 Districts
  • removing casework specialists from district counts as responsibility for those positions sits with the Office of the Senior Practitioner.
  • moving some positions historically reported under statewide services to the districts where they are located

The dashboard includes links to previously published dashboard and to more detailed child protection data.

Where our statistics come from

Caseworker data is based on the full time equivalent Caseworker and Caseworker Specialist data sourced from monthly workforce profile reports and prepared quarterly for the Department by FACSIAR and verified annually by an independent auditor.

View Caseworker statistics dashboard September 2023 quarter

If you are unable to view or access the above interactive dashboard, please access PDF version of this dashboard PDF, 218.77 KB.

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Last updated: 29 Jan 2024