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Research seminars

The FACSIAR Research Seminar Series showcases research studies supported through the FACS External Research Program. The series facilitates the dissemination of new and emerging research evidence for policy makers and practitioners.

March 2018 Achieving better outcomes for children in the child protection system

On 15 March 2018 FACSIAR hosted a research seminar focused on topics related to child protection. Three leading academics presented findings of their research.

The first presentation NSW Child Development Study: Achieving better mental health for maltreated children by Associate Professor Melissa Green, University of New South Wales, explored important risk factors to child development associated with risk of significant harm reports among children reported to FACS in early childhood using linked administrative data.

The second presentation Removals of infants by the child protection system: Examining their nature, extent and impact to guide prevention and early intervention by Associate Professor Stephanie Taplin, Australian Catholic University, provided an overview of recent trends in prenatal reporting to child protection services and issues related infant removals.

The final presentation Child protection court documents: The power and effects of professional writing by Dr Chris Krogh, University of Newcastle examined the effect that language used in court documents has on the actors involved in child protection and care  matters. Each presentation focused on key findings and insights for FACS policy and practice. The seminar was chaired by Kate Alexander, Executive Director, Office of the Senior Practitioner, FACS.

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Seminar Presentations

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Last updated: 09 May 2018