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Find out how you can access the Human Services Dataset, ethics approval requirements and the process.

  1. Access and use guidelines
  2. Ethics framework for the Human Services Dataset

Access and Use Guidelines

These guidelines provide details of the conditions and requirements for obtaining data from the Human Services Dataset (HSDS). These guidelines should be read in conjunction with the Public Interest Direction and Health Public Interest Direction (PIDs) made by the NSW Privacy Commissioner for the Their Futures Matter Project. Any analytic activities that make use of the Tier Two data contained within the HSDS must adhere to the requirements specified within the PIDs.

If you have any questions regarding the HSDS and making a request, please contact the Project Team.


Ethics framework for the Human Services Dataset

This document provides a framework for researchers to assess whether an ethical review is required for activities relating to the research, analysis and use of the HSDS. This document also explains the broad requirements for seeking independent ethical review (including a review conducted by an internal ethical review board) for research and analysis utilising the HSDS.

The ethics framework guide [coming soon].

Research projects specifically focused on Aboriginal populations require ethics approval from the Aboriginal Health & Medical Research Council prior to applying for access to the data.

For further information regarding ethics approval process and procedure, contact the: Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council.

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Last updated: 03 Sep 2021