2017 Social Housing Community Improvement fund grants

SHCIF Round 3 Grants (2017)

The NSW Government has announced $6.3 million for 174 community infrastructure projects as a part of the Social Housing Community Improvement Fund (SHCIF) Round 3.

Listed below, by FACS district, are the projects that were successful in receiving SHCIF Round 3 funding.

Please note this information is considered to be true and correct at the date of publication. Changes in circumstances after the time in publishing may impact on the accuracy of the data.

Click on a FACS district to view approved projects.

Appeals and Feedback

There are no appeals under the program.

If your organisation was unsuccessful and you would like feedback, you can contact the officer listed in your outcome letter or call the Social Housing Community Improvement Fund team on 1800 379 184.

Funding Requirements

Funding is subject to organisations providing documentation and details required by FACS to complete a funding agreement. This may include land owner’s approval, planning approval, quotes or a Certificate of Currency for public liability. Other documentation may be required prior to payment.

Funding agreements must be completed and signed by both parties by 28 February 2018.

Project variations

You must notify FACS in writing, as soon aspossible, if you plan to vary the project as set out in the funding agreement (e.g. location, budget, funded activities) or your organisation details change (e.g. project contact, lead organisation). Project variations must be approved by FACS prior to the project continuing.

Progress Reporting

Your local district officer will contact you three months into your project to check on progress. You will be asked to provide any update on what work has started, when the project is likely to be completed and if there are any issues or risks. Another call will be made to you two months before your project is due to be completed.

Completion and Acquittal

SHCIF Round 3  projects are required to be completed within 12 months of the countersigned funding agreement. All project are required to be completed by 28 February 2019.

Recipients must advise their local FACS officer or email SHCIF@facs.nsw.gov.au when their project is complete. You will need to log onto your SmartyGrants account and fill in the Completion Report form and attach with evidence of completion (e.g. invoices, photos, media articles) by the due date.

The report will need to demonstrate that the project has delivered the activities and outcomes as detailed in your application and funding agreement.

Once logged into SmartyGrants at https://socialhousing.smartygrants.com.au/:

  • Select 'My Submissions' to access your “Completion” forms
  • Complete the required form
  • Download an Acquittal Statement, fill it in and attach it to the forms
  • Once completed and all evidence is attached click the 'review & submit' button to officially lodge your report
  • You will receive an automatic email message confirming your submission
  • FACS will contact you by email if further information is required and/or confirm closure of your project.

Download: Acquittal Statement SHCIF.

Note: Any surplus funds must be returned to FACS.

Further Assistance

If you require assistance, please contact 1800 379 184 or email SHCIF@facs.nsw.gov.au.