Market Engagement

We learnt from the first phase of the SAHF and understand what is required to improve the procurement process for SAHF Phase 2. As a direct response to feedback from SAHF Phase 1, we designed a market engagement process that informed and educated our stakeholders.

The market engagement period ran from October 2017 to February 2018 and featured three important stages:

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Key market engagement events

Market Briefing

18 October 2017

The launch of the market engagement strategy was hosted at Parliament House on 18 October 2017 by Hon. Pru Goward MP, Minister for Social Housing. The purpose of the event was to officially mark the start of the market engagement period and provide an overview of the SAHF Phase 2 process.

Financier and Equity Investors Briefing

22 November 2017

This session, delivered by NSW Treasury, provided financiers and investors with an overview of the SAHF Phase 2 procurement process and a response to relevant feedback on the financial aspects of SAHF Phase 1. Download the presentation slides and frequently asked questions via these links:

Developers Briefing

7 December 2017

This information session for developers was presented by Marcus Devenish, Director Services, Delivery, Assets and Construction and the new SAHF Phase 2 Project Director, Tim Hall. Attendees received an overview of the SAHF and the second phase of procurement, an outline of key concepts and an insight into partnership opportunities. Download the frequently asked questions via this link:

Community Housing Providers Briefing

13 December 2017

This briefing event for Community Housing Providers (CHPs) took place at the NSW Federation of Housing Associations’ AGM on 13 December 2017. The presentation provided an overview of the SAHF key concepts, SAHF Phase 1 outcomes and potential service models for Phase 2. It was also an opportunity for CHPs to speak directly to the SAHF team. Download the presentation and frequently asked questions via these links: