SAHF Phase 2

The second phase of the SAHF provides an opportunity for more private and not-for-profit organisations to work together and put forward innovative and achievable proposals to increase the supply of Social and Affordable housing shortage in NSW.

SAHF Phase 2 is targeting 1,200 social and affordable dwellings that are new to the sector with:

  • At least 70% to be social housing and the balance to be affordable housing
  • Access to dwellings to be integrated with asset and tenancy management, tailored support coordination and performance and data reporting
  • A target of 30% of dwellings to be delivered in regional NSW
  • Proposals targeting the general social housing cohort with a priority for proposals with older women as a target cohort
  • A priority for proposals that include concessional land and new supply
  • Services agreements to be up to a 25 year term, or as reviewed in response to market feedback
  • Bids being sought from partnerships, including institutional investors working with community housing providers in consortia
  • Service packages which improve social outcomes for tenants in line with the NSW Government Human Services Outcomes Framework

SAHF Phase 2 Program Objectives

Increase supply of Social and Affordable Housing: SAHF Phase 2 will target an additional 1,200 social and affordable dwellings in locations that balance supply and demand across NSW. These locations will provide good access for social and affordable households to the services and supports that they need.

Delivery and value for money: SAHF Phase 2 will deliver high quality services that represent value for money with an appropriate risk profile and within the timeframe set by the NSW Government.

Unlock land contributions: SAHF Phase 2 will seek to unlock concessional land contributions, where available, to drive value for money and maximise the impact of SAHF funding. (For example, through partnerships with organisations such as local government authorities and faith based organisations that have access to suitable underutilised land).

Innovation through partnerships: SAHF Phase 2 is seeking to facilitate cooperation and partnerships between private and non-government sectors to deliver innovative services.

Quality services that drive social outcomes: SAHF Phase 2 will deliver high quality accommodation services, asset management services and tenancy management services, coupled with tailored support coordination services that engage and empower people in social and affordable housing to build more independence.

Increase social and affordable housing options for vulnerable households: SAHF Phase 2 will seek to increase social and affordable housing options for eligible tenants, including women aged 55 years and over.

Evidence building and continued reform: SAHF Phase 2 will promote evidence building and data collection to help drive continued reform and an investment approach to service delivery in the sector.

Strategic alignment: SAHF Phase 2 will align with and contribute to the NSW Government’s ten year strategy for social housing, Future Directions for Social Housing in NSW.

Promote regional areas: SAHF Phase 2 will target 30% of dwellings in regional areas.