Social and Affordable Housing Fund

The Social and Affordable Housing Fund (SAHF) is an innovative approach to the way we are delivering social and affordable housing in NSW. Together with providing homes to those who need them most, it offers residents coordinated access to support tailored to their individual needs − giving them the tools they need to improve their lives.

It is designed to empower people to live more independent lives and, for some, to move beyond the need for housing support. The SAHF has the potential to change how the NSW social housing system works.

Service providers

On 10 March 2017, the first phase of SAHF procurement was completed with 5 successful SAHF service providers:

  • BaptistCare NSW & ACT
  • Compass Housing Services Co Ltd
  • SGCH Sustainability Ltd
  • St Vincent de Paul Housing
  • Uniting (NSW.ACT)

Each service provider will deliver a package for 25 years that consists of:

  • access to accommodation,
  • asset management and tenancy management services,
  • tailored support services for each household member, and
  • performance and data reporting.

These providers are contracted to deliver 2,200 additional social and affordable homes in metropolitan and regional NSW. Each household will also benefit from a tailored support service as part of their tenancy.

Tenants began moving into the first dwellings in May 2017.

Redacted copies of the contracts for each of the successful SAHF Phase 1 service providers can be accessed on the Phase 1 Contracts page.

Second phase of procurement

The second phase SAHF procurement will seek to deliver an additional 1,200 social and affordable homes. More information is available on the SAHF Phase 2 page.

Financial structure

The SAHF has been set up with over $1.1 billion in seed funding from the Government. This seed capital was invested in the market by the Government’s investment arm, NSW Treasury Corporation. Further capital will be made available for the second phase procurement outcome, as required.

Market returns from this investment will be applied to funding SAHF projects. At the end of the projects, the Government expects to be able to continue to invest the capital with a view to generating returns to support new social and affordable housing projects.