Resident Rights Consultation

The NSW Government wants to hear your views on how we can improve resident protections for people with disability living in supported group accommodation.

What is supported group accommodation?

Many people with disability in NSW who receive daily living support or assistance live independently of their family in supported group accommodation. In these living arrangements, often known as group homes, the entire premises is the person’s home—not just their bedroom.

Specialist disability accommodation, funded by the National Disability Insurance Scheme, is included in this definition of supported group accommodation where accommodation is shared. Respite and short term rented accommodation are not included in this proposal.

Why are we having this consultation?

The current legislated protections for most people in rented accommodation do not apply to people with disability living in supported group accommodation.

We want to make sure people with disability living in supported group accommodation have similar rights and protections as private rental tenants and boarding house residents and for these rights to be set out in legislation.

The NSW Government will release a final report in June 2018.

How can I participate?

Before you participate in the consultation, you should read one or more of the following documents:

  • Technical issues paper – contains policy objectives and suggested positions, as well as related discussion questions about the rights being proposed.
  • Consultation paper (plain English) – outlines specific points from the Technical Issues paper.
  • Easy Read Summary paper – a high level summary of the Technical Issues Paper available in Word and PDF formats .

You can provide feedback through the following ways:

  • complete the survey which takes approximately 15-20 minutes with questions based on the Consultation Paper
  • send an email to
  • write a letter to:
    Department of Family and Community Services
    Attn: Resident Rights Consultation Process
    Level 13, 4-6 Bligh Street
    Sydney NSW 2000

Anyone can participate in the consultation but we especially want to hear from:

  • people with disability currently living in supported group accommodation and their families or guardians
  • people with disability who are considering living in supported group accommodation and their families or guardians
  • workers and providers in the disability or housing sectors.

The consultation period runs until Friday 2 March 2018.

Are my responses confidential?

All responses to the online survey are anonymous and only aggregated and statistical results will be published.

If you send your response via email or mail, please tell us if you would like your submission kept confidential and anonymous. If you don’t, the NSW Government reserves the right to publish your whole submission.

How can I get more information and support?

The following resources have been developed to help you with providing us your feedback:

If you need more information, please email or telephone 1800 379 284, 9am-5pm Monday to Friday