Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire

Developed by Dr Robert Goodman, Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College London, the SDQ is a short behavioural screening questionnaire.

It has been evaluated internationally and demonstrates strong psychometric properties.

A primary carer should complete an SDQ for all children and young people (aged 2-17 years) in their care.

The carer should read 25 statements and judge how well each describes the child or young person in regards to:

  1. emotional difficulties
  2. conduct problems
  3. hyperactivity or inattention
  4. peer relationship problems
  5. pro-social behaviours

The SDQ is administered through an online system called MySDQ. Once a carer has completed the questionnaire, the system automatically generates an easy-to-read report (for the carer) and a further ‘technical’ report (for the caseworker to share with other practitioners who support the child or young person).

The SDQ is designed to be administered by health and social care professionals who are not qualified child and adolescent mental health clinicians.

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