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Vanguard Initiative

The ‘Act to End Street Sleeping’ initiative was founded by the Institute of Global Homelessness and seeks to establish “Vanguard” cities in the fight against homelessness.

The NSW Government signed the End Street Sleeping Agreement in February 2019, together with the City of Sydney, the Institute of Global Homelessness and seven NGO partners. This agreement commits NSW to a 50 per cent reduction in street homelessness by 2025. This makes NSW the first state in the world to set a “Vanguard” target for the whole of state, not just an individual city.

The Premier further demonstrated the NSW Government's determination to end street sleeping by making this target a Premier's Priority in June 2019.

End Street Sleeping Collaboration

The NSW Government and the End Street Sleeping Collaboration are working together to achieve zero street homelessness. Along with government and NGO partners, a commitment has been made to halve the number of people experiencing street homelessness across NSW by 2025. The End Street Sleeping Collaboration consists of signatories to the Act to End Street Sleeping Agreement, involving both Government and non-government organisations alike.

DCJ is currently working with the following organisations as part of the Collaboration:

The NSW Government and the End Street Sleeping Collaboration have also been working together to pilot a real-time, by-name street homelessness database to help coordinate services for people experiencing street homelessness.

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Last updated: 21 Jul 2020