Homelessness strategy

Summary Paper: What We Heard report – a summary of feedback from the Foundations of Change – Homelessness in NSW

The NSW Government has now released the What We Heard report.

This report presents a summary of the feedback and themes that emerged from the state-wide consultation process following the release of the Foundations for Change – Homelessness in NSW paper.

Over 120 written submissions were received from a range of respondents, including individual members of the community, non-government organisations, stakeholder representative groups, advocacy groups, government agencies and legal services.

The ideas, challenges, practice examples and priorities that were uncovered through this consultation will inform the development of a new strategy.

The new strategy will be focussed around preventing, reducing and responding more effectively to homelessness and supporting better outcomes for people facing and experiencing homelessness.

You can read the full report below: What We Heard report

Discussion Paper: Foundations for Change – Homelessness in NSW

The NSW Government is serious about tackling homelessness. Responsibility does not lie with any one person or service; government, the private and community sectors need to intervene early and intervene together to look after people before they become homeless.

Despite increased demand specialist homelessness services are already making a difference integrating crisis-driven responses and early intervention to prevent homelessness. We need to build on these reforms and harness the expertise of our NGO partners to ensure that fewer people experience homelessness.

The NSW Government has released a discussion paper, Foundations for Change –  Homelessness in NSW. We want to hear your views on how we can better work together to reduce homelessness and intervene early to prevent it from happening.

The strategy aims to streamline action across all levels of government, non-government sectors and the community to ensure:

  • fewer people experience homelessness
  • people in NSW find adequate, secure, places to live, and individual needs are assessed, including social and cultural considerations
  • people are empowered to tackle the underlying issues that put them at risk of homelessness