Homelessness strategy

Discussion Paper: Foundations for Change – Homelessness in NSW

The NSW Government is serious about tackling homelessness. Responsibility does not lie with any one person or service; government, the private and community sectors need to intervene early and intervene together to look after people before they become homeless.

Despite increased demand specialist homelessness services are already making a difference integrating crisis-driven responses and early intervention to prevent homelessness. We need to build on these reforms and harness the expertise of our NGO partners to ensure that fewer people experience homelessness.

The NSW Government has released a discussion paper, Foundations for Change – Homelessness in NSW. We want to hear your views on how we can better work together to reduce homelessness and intervene early to prevent it from happening.

The strategy aims to streamline action across all levels of government, non-government sectors and the community to ensure:

  • fewer people experience homelessness
  • people in NSW find adequate, secure, places to live, and individual needs are assessed, including social and cultural considerations
  • people are empowered to tackle the underlying issues that put them at risk of homelessness


The consultation process will run until early November 2016.

We are reviewing all feedback in preparation for publishing the final strategy in the coming months.

How to have your say

Update 31 October:

Submissions are now closed. The Homelessness Strategy team can still be contacted via email: Homelessness.Strategy@facs.nsw.gov.au.  

Consultation forums

Public face-to-face consultations were held between September – November 2016. Dates for past events can be viewed here.

Experience of homelessness in NSW survey

In addition to the consultation process, the NSW Government is interested in hearing more broadly from people that have lived experience with homelessness in NSW. 

If you have such experience, we encourage you to take the Experience of homelessness in NSW survey.

The survey asks questions on issues such as living situation, experience with finding accommodation and use of support services.

Everything you share will be confidential. How much you share is up to you.

Privacy Notice

When you give us your feedback, the Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) will be collecting and storing some personal information about you, in particular:

  • your name
  • your email address
  • the name of your organisation (if provided)
  • any personal information you decide to put in the additional comments fields

All feedback received through this consultation process may be made publicly available. Please do not include any personal information in your feedback that you do not want published.  We may need to share your information with people outside FACS, including other public authorities and government agencies. We may also use your email contact details to send you notifications about further feedback opportunities or the outcome of consultation. You should also be aware there may be circumstances when FACS  is required by law to release information (for example, in accordance with the requirements of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009). There is also a privacy policy located on the FACS website that explains how some data is automatically collected (such as your internet protocol (IP) address) whenever you visit the FACS’ website.