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To successfully transform social housing in NSW, the NSW Government will collaborate with the private sector, the not-for-profit sector and all levels of government to create a social housing system which is sustainable and responsive.

There are many opportunities to partner with the NSW Government on social housing projects.

Community Housing Innovation Fund (CHIF)

The Community Housing Innovation Fund (CHIF) group of programs comprises $225 million of funding to deliver around 1000 social and affordable housing dwellings in collaboration with Community Housing Providers (CHPs) across NSW.

Learn more about the Community Housing Innovation Fund

Social and Affordable Housing Fund

The Social and Affordable Housing Fund (SAHF) is an innovative approach to the way we are delivering social and affordable housing in NSW.

Together with providing access to home to those who need them most, it offers residents coordinated access to support tailored to their individual needs - giving them the tools they need to improve their lives.

Service agreements for the first phase of procurement for the SAHF (2,200 dwellings) were announced in March 2017. Phase 2 contracts were awarded in December 2018 to ensure the SAHF commitment to provide access to 3,400 homes is met over the program term.

More Information

Find out more about the Social And Affordable Housing Fund.

Communities Plus

Communities Plus is a new generation of integrated housing developments being delivered in partnership with the private, NGO and community housing sectors. The program includes sites in metropolitan Sydney and regional NSW.

The NSW Government has committed to a significant building program to fast track redevelopment of its social housing portfolio. Interested organisations can register to receive project updates.

Premier’s Innovation Initiative

Social housing is one of the four priorities of the Premier’s Innovation Initiative, which seeks to uncover the best innovative ideas and know-how from outside government through a competitive selection process. The Initiative was established as a channel through which the NSW Government can commission services alongside direct delivery by the public sector, competitive tendering and unsolicited proposals.

Social impact investment

Social impact investment is an emerging approach to tackling social challenges that brings together capital and expertise from across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. The NSW Office of Social Impact Investment has been established to grow the social impact market, seeking to deliver better services and results for families at risk. Building on the successful launch of these bonds, the NSW Government is committed to finding other opportunities to use social impact investment to deliver better services and results.

Management transfer program

An important goal of Future Directions is to build a system that delivers better long term outcomes and access to services for our tenants. The management transfer program is one of the many initiatives announced as part of Future Directions.

There are about 144,000 social housing properties across NSW and 19 per cent are already managed by community housing providers. The changes will bring this up to 32 per cent, and see around 18,000 more properties managed locally by community housing providers.

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Last updated: 15 Jun 2023