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Jobs for people with disability: A plan for the NSW public sector

The Plan aims to increase the number of people with disability employed across the NSW public sector from an estimated 2.7 per cent to 5.6 per cent by 2027.

Why is this important?

The NSW Government is committed to a diverse and inclusive workforce that reflects the community we serve. People with disability are a largely under-engaged workforce and have potential to add skills and perspectives to the NSW public sector.

As the State’s largest employer, with approximately 10.3 per cent of the total NSW workforce, the NSW Government can show leadership in improving employment opportunities for people with disability.

We know that when we get things right for people with disability, we improve the workplace for everybody.

What are we doing?

Jobs for people with disability: A plan for the NSW public sector sets out the Government’s vision to increase and retain the number of people with disability in the public sector over the next ten years.

It is a vision that will see positive change to the public sector.

Opportunities for change include:

  • using new and more accessible technologies and systems
  • designing workspaces so they are more accessible
  • adapting work environments to suit the needs of people with disability
  • offering more internships and graduate roles to people with disability.

This is a whole-of-Government plan, supported by Health, Education, Justice, Planning and Environment, Industry, Family and Community Services, and the Public Service Commission.

The Plan is underpinned by four strategic priorities:

In early 2018, an implementation committee will be set up with members from all NSW public sector departments. The committee will identify areas of improvement, drive change and provide advice to public sector and Government leaders.

Case Studies

Here are some case studies we have collaborated of people with a disability, working in the public sector.

What can you do?

Work with us

The NSW Government has a range of job opportunities available across various departments and agencies.

No matter what your skills or expertise, if you would like to make a difference in shaping our State’s future apply for a role in the NSW Public Sector.

Partner with us

The NSW Government is interested in hearing from you about new ways to achieve a diverse, inclusive workforce and to partner with the not-for-profit and private sectors.

If you have a new idea to increase the number of people with disability in the public sector, email seethepossibilities@facs.nsw.gov.au.