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Introduction to ChildStory, the ChildStory Platform and how we've redesigned ChildStory

The ChildStory Platform

When complete, the ChildStory platform will represent not just a replacement of a number of existing technology systems but also a significant expansion of the digital toolkit available to caseworkers, service providers, families, carers and children.  Although the platform will operate as one highly integrated platform, to understand what it will do it’s helpful to look at the five key components that will make up ChildStory.  These components represent the five key user groups and reflect how these users will interact with ChildStory.


For FACS caseworkers and support staff

A place for caseworkers to access all the tools and information they need, when in the office or in the field. Including assessment tools, interactive case planning, caseload management, referrals, contact management, and more.


For service provider organisations

A single entry point for Service Provider Organisations to interact with Family and Community Services (FACS). This includes referral and placement management, managing contracts, payments, service delivery and access to data analytics.


For reporters of harm or risk of harm

A single location to report on the welfare of children and young people, access supporting resources, and view feedback on previous reports.

Caring for Kids

For families and carers

A location for family and carers to access information and collaborate with everyone involved in the support of a child or young person. Families and carers will have access to a child’s life story, their life plan, referral services, and contact management facilitation.


For Children and Young People

Most importantly, Childstory will provide a child or young person with information and tools to interact with all the people involved in their care.

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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019