Their Futures Matter: A new approach

Their futures matter: a new approach

Their Futures Matter: A new approach sets out a future vision and long-term strategy for out of home care, and for improving outcomes for vulnerable children and families in NSW.

It is a landmark reform, and provides a roadmap to deliver the type of transformational change that is needed to turn the system into one that works for children and families.

The reform sets out a cohesive and accountable system where client outcomes, strong evidence and targeted services are delivered based on the needs of children and families. It is premised on an unprecedented level of collaboration across NSW Government agencies.

The reform introduces:

  • Tailored support packages: These packages will provide children and families with evidence-based services based on their needs and will build on the universal service system.
  • An investment approach to service delivery: This approach allows us to monitor the effectiveness of the interventions we’re funding to ensure that funding is directed to interventions that really work to generate the best outcomes for children and families.
  • A single commissioning entity: A single commissioning entity will sit within the Department of Family and Community Services, and be responsible for driving, managing and implementing the reform process. It will have influence over all cross-government funding for vulnerable children and families, so that commissioned services are coordinated, holistic and led by the needs of children and families.

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