Shining a light on good practice 2014

Shining a light on good practice in NSW 2014 aims to inspire and influence good practice in child protection and out-of-home-care.

The report illuminates the struggles and joys of working with families and what can be achieved with compassionate and courageous casework.

Each page tells the real life stories of children and families and the commitment of practitioners from FACS and our non-government partners. The stories will tug at your heart strings and lift your spirits.

Thank you to the FACS and NGO caseworkers who submitted stories for consideration for the 2015 edition. We were overwhelmed by the wonderful practice, capacity for families to change and the courage of the children and young people. The 2015 will be published later this year. 

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Read the complete Shining a light on good practice 2014 (PDF)

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It felt like we were a team (PDF 1MB)Imagine you discovered you were pregnant just two weeks before you were due to give birth. Now imagine you’re young and struggling with an ice addiction. Is it still possible to be a good mum and keep your baby safe?

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Reunion (PDF 0.9MB)
A mother's dying wish to find the son she placed for adoption more than 50 years ago begins a life-changing search for one family. Will this mother and son be reunited in time?

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Baby steps (PDF0.8MB)
Little Thomas has lived with his grandma his whole life. Now aged two, his mum Cathy has made an incredible recovery from drug addiction and turned her life around so she can be the mum Thomas deserves.

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A gift of great value (PDF 0.8MB)
Gemma, just 13, is living with the emotional toll of years of childhood trauma. She is now running away and taking big risks with her life. Read how the kindness and patience of her caseworker brings her back from the edge.

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Full house (PDF 1MB)
Raising 12 children in a new country proved too much for this large refugee family and their children were placed in out-of-home care. Learn how this family overcame their difficult past and learned to parent safely.

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Count to ten (PDF 0.7MB)
Jason, aged 11, couldn’t live safely at home and he lashed out in anger and violence at those who tried to care for him. Five youth workers from Marist Youth Care rallied around Jason to help him manage his temper and learn to be a kid again.

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