Trial Sites


Burrun Dalai Aboriginal Corporation, Mackillop Family Services and Key Assets Fostering NSW have been selected to participate in a trial of the Quality Assurance Framework following an EOI.

Applications for the EOI were assessed by a panel of FACS and external stakeholders. The purpose of the trial is to test the feasibility of the QAF rather than whether outcomes for children have changed.

The QAF represents a significant change in the way we collect, measure and track essential data and information on children and young people in statutory OOHC. The aim of the trial is to identify the impacts of the QAF on systems, processes and procedures and help us to successfully implement the QAF on a wider scale. The trial will not be linked to any other FACS reform work.

We need to test the QAF to see if it works. The findings of the trial will be shared to all key stakeholders and will inform the next steps.

The trial at selected sites started in early September 2016 and will run for at least 12 months. At the end of the trial the use of QAF is expected to continue at Trial sites and inform of any changes to systems, processes and procedures.

There will be no change at this stage unless you are participating in a trial.

Please find below a list of support documents for the EOI process:

If you need more information please contact us: