NDIS planning meeting checklist - for children and young people, carers and their caseworkers

About this checklist

The checklist is designed to assist Caseworkers, authorised OOHC carers and a child or young person to prepare for a NDIS Planning meeting.

This checklist will also help prepare carers to complete their Carer Statement for the NDIS plan. You may choose to provide this completed checklist to the NDIS Planner as useful information for preparing the child or young person’s plan.

There is no right or wrong answers in this checklist.  It is a starting point for the child or young person, their carer and caseworker to work together.  Planning meetings without a completed checklist (or similar) may take longer as there is more information to think about and collect during the meeting.  This checklist will also assist to ensure information you have considered is remembered during the meeting.

This checklist is to be used in conjunction with the FACS NDIS Guidelines for Caseworkers and Carers.