Grandmothers Against Removal – Guiding principles for strengthening the participation of local Aboriginal community in child protection decision making

The Guiding Principles for strengthening the participation of local Aboriginal community in child-protection decision-making inform collaboration and cooperation between FACS offices across NSW and Aboriginal communities on child protection matters. In particular, they highlight the role of Local Advisory Groups through which local Aboriginal communities can participate in decision making regarding the care and protection of Aboriginal children.

Amongst other things, the Local Advisory Groups provide a platform for the Aboriginal community to have input into child protection and out-of-home care service delivery and help to ensure compliance with the Aboriginal placement principles. The Guiding Principles were developed by the Grandmothers Against Removal (GMAR) with the New England FACS District Office and the NSW Ombudsman’s Office. The partnership approach continues to operationalise the principles across NSW through Local Advisory Groups and a State Wide Advisory Group (to be established shortly).

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