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Children, young people and families

We are developing and implementing a range of initiatives to achieve better and more integrated services for our clients. It's about doing things better and smarter to improve services, reduce bureaucracy and costs.

These reforms support the department's vision to enable people in need to participate fully in NSW social and economic life and to build stronger, more sustainable and inclusive communities.

Permanency Support Program

NDIS interface with Early Intervention, Child Protection and OOHC

Shaping a better child protection system

Parramatta Girls’ Home Memorial

Adoption Regulation 2003 review

Institute of Open Adoption

Practice First

Targeted Earlier Intervention Reform

Quality Assurance Framework

Shining a light on good practice

'Resolve' app for young people leaving care

Guiding Principles for strengthening the participation of local Aboriginal community in child-protection decision-making

Questions and feedback

If you have a question about the reforms or would like to provide some feedback, please email reformquestions@facs.nsw.gov.au.