NSW Carers Strategy

NSW Carers StrategyThe Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) led development of the NSW Carers Strategy (the Strategy), with assistance from the Ministry for Health and Carers NSW. FACS brought hundreds of peoples’ ideas together through collaborative workshops, the NSW Ministerial Carers Strategy Summit and Have Your Say online consultation. Read more Background to the NSW Carers Strategy

The NSW Carers Strategy was launched by the Minister for Ageing and Disability Services, the Hon. John Ajaka, at Parliament House on 7 August 2014.

What's new?

Information about the implementation of the Strategy will be published on this page regularly, so please come back to find out what FACS and our partners have been doing for carers. Links to our latest news.

2017 Progress report

This summary reports on progress under the Strategy in 2016-17 and outlines key directions for future implementation of the Strategy. It highlights and profiles four key projects that are making practical differences to the lives of carers in NSW. We continue to implement all projects in the strategy. The progress of these will be reported in future reports.

And don’t forget to see what’s new at our carer community awareness website, Care for a Carer.


Implementation of the NSW Carers Strategy is now well underway in collaboration with carers, the private sector, non-government organisations and government partners.

A Carer's toolkit

Assistant Minister for Disability Services the Hon Jane Prentice MP and NSW Minister for Ageing and Disability Services the Hon John Ajaka launched the SkillsLink2Work website and toolkit on Friday 29 April 2016.

This free, interactive website asks carers to select the activities they regularly perform and then produces two personalised reports that can be used to write a resume or job application or when seeking recognition for training.

The website is one of two joint NSW/Australian Government projects in the NSW Carers Strategy 2014-2019. The NSW Community Services and Health Industry Training Advisory Body partnered with government to develop this website.

‘A great place to start’, ‘a confidence booster’ and ‘I can do all that’, were just some of the reactions from carers the first time they used the website.

SkillsLink2Work is available at: www.SkillsLink2Work.com.au.

To help you promote this fantastic new resource for carers we’ve developed a SkillsLink2Work Communications Toolkit with short messages, website content and images for social media, newsletters and websites.

Throughout October 2015, FACS advertised in mainstream print and online media that 1 in 10 people are carers in NSW. Greg Smith cares for his mum Lyn (both pictured below) whose degenerative spinal condition limits her mobility and causes pain. Telling Greg’s story helps the community to learn about carers and the sorts of things they do.

Media campaigns to raise the profile of carers 

These advertisements are part of the ongoing Care for a Carer campaign which was launched by the Minister for Ageing and Disability Services in Carers Week 2014. The campaign video shows eight people talking about their carers and the things they would do for them if they could.

Through these stories and the associated website www.careforacarer.nsw.gov.au, it is hoped the general public will begin to understand what being a carer is like and also some simple gestures of help that carers may appreciate.

FACS, Carers NSW and young carers worked with competition-winning developers to design an accessible and age-appropriate self-assessment tool for young people with caring responsibilities.

Young carer app development  

FACS has established a dynamic and diverse working group of Aboriginal carers and key stakeholders from Government and non-government organisations to develop, promote and distribute culturally appropriate resources for Aboriginal carers.

The resources will include information and supports to assist carers to plan ahead and involve other family members in providing care, including an emergency care template.

The working group strongly informed the updating of the Taking Care of Business resources for Aboriginal people, with NSW Trustee and Guardian. The Wills Handbook and Planning Ahead for Aboriginal People in New South Wales resources are now available on the Trustee and Guardian website

A key focus of this work is to develop resources that can be adapted to reflect the needs of local communities. We continue to ask Aboriginal carers about what information they need and how this can be promoted in their communities.

The Carer Strategy Implementation Committee (CSIC) has been established since April 2015. The Committee has been established to oversee the implementation of the Strategy, including specific projects and long term reform directions. Members include carer representatives, relevant government departments and external stakeholders. The CSIC is also overseeing the development of the Carers Strategy evaluation.

Read the CSIC Terms of Reference

A moment in the life of a carer

Take a moment to hear from carers speaking about their life as a carer.

At the 2015 NSW Carers Awards, we asked the Highly Commended recipients to tell us a little about their life as a carer. We know that every caring situation is different, but here are two short videos from mothers caring for thier adult child. Check out our other carer pages to hear from other carers.

Mary Cleary, 2015 Highly Commended NSW Carers Award recipient, has cared for her daughter for 40 years and talks about the changes in recognising carers she’s seen over that time.

Dianne Collier, 2015 Highly Commended NSW Carers Award recipient, talks about life as a carer for an adult child with mental illness.