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Pricing, procuring and contracting human services

An overview of DCJ’s standard practices for engaging service providers to deliver human services that meet the needs of individuals, families and communities in NSW.

How we procure services

DCJ is an accredited government procurement agency.

We conduct our procurement activities in line with the NSW Government Procurement Policy Framework and within legislated procurement limits. This means we follow robust processes that:

  • ensure our procurement activities deliver best value for money
  • operate with probity, transparency and fairness
  • and, above all, deliver desirable outcomes for clients and communities.

DCJ uses several procurement methods across its funded programs. The most commonly used methods include:

  • open tender – a  funding opportunity is advertised and open to any eligible service
  • select tender – a limited number of prospective service providers are invited to submit a proposal in response to specified criteria
  • direct negotiation – one prospective service provider is approached.

We decide the most efficient method to use given the specific circumstances of the service to be funded, considering:

  • the nature and complexity of the services to be procured
  • the diversity of client and community needs
  • the size of the market; that is, the number of service providers with the capacity and capability to deliver the outcomes being procured
  • the number of service providers interested in providing the services
  • our knowledge of markets in the applicable geographic locations
  • the value of the contract and level of program funding
  • the length of the contract’s term.

Aboriginal procurement

DCJ is committed to working in partnership with Aboriginal communities, providers and key stakeholders to build an Aboriginal human services sector that is viable and delivers desirable outcomes for Aboriginal children, families, and communities.

We operate in line with the NSW Government’s Aboriginal Procurement Policy which aims to create opportunities for Aboriginal owned businesses and employment opportunities for Aboriginal people.

Our procurement processes prioritise:

  • identifying and developing Aboriginal service providers
  • what opportunities exist to support employment for Aboriginal people
  • whether potential service providers are culturally competent and can meet the needs of Aboriginal clients and communities
  • what strengths, needs and opportunities are identified through engagement with Aboriginal clients and communities.
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Last updated: 04 Mar 2021