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About the service

The Intensive Family Preservation (IFP) service is based on the understanding that it is in the child’s best interests to remain in the care of their family, wherever this is a safe option. The focus is to improve children’s safety, placement permanency and wellbeing. The service targets families with children aged from birth to 18 years who meet the eligibility criteria.

The DCJ IFP service model is informed by Homebuilders®, an evidence-based family preservation model that teaches families new problem-solving skills to prevent future crises and prevent unnecessary placement in OOHC.

There is a 3 month period of intensive support including 24 hour access to a caseworker. This is followed by a less intensive level of individually tailored and multi-faceted services which include:

  • advice and referral
  • assessment and case planning
  • counselling
  • family focused casework
  • home visiting
  • parent support groups
  • skills focused groups.

Deliver this service

The Intensive Family Preservation Service Program Guidelines provide an overview of the program.

The IFP Service Provision Guidelines give DCJ and service providers the core policy, operational framework and requirements for delivering IFP services in NSW.


Other resources for IFP services include:

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Last updated: 21 Mar 2023