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What to do before you apply for consent

Talk to us in advance

If you propose to subcontract any part or all of the services we’ve contracted you to deliver, it’s to your advantage to discuss it with your DCJ contract manager before you apply for our consent.

This gives you an opportunity to discuss the proposed arrangements and ensure you fully understand the additional responsibilities and obligations of subcontracting.

Carry out your due diligence

Each third party you propose to subcontract must be capable of delivering the agreed services on your behalf, on terms and conditions consistent with those you’ve agreed in the contract with us.

It’s important to understand that if consent is granted, you’ll be responsible for the performance of any third party you subcontract to deliver the services.

For this reason, it’s important you carry out the necessary due diligence before making any legally binding commitments.

This includes:

  • ensuring that each third party has the relevant qualifications, capability and capacity to deliver the services
  • verifying that each third party has the requisite and up-to-date insurances to deliver the services, as well as the requisite and up-to-date recognition by a regulator (accreditation, certification, registration or licence, as applicable)
  • ensuring that all applicable staff of each third party have a current Working with Children Check and National Police Certificate for the purpose of delivering child-related services.

In the case of subcontracting to another organisation in a consortium or fee-for-service arrangement, your due diligence also includes:

  • assessing the financial viability of each third party, and its ability to remain financially viable for the term of the contract
  • sighting relevant documents such as each third party’s constitution, and policies and procedures that demonstrate the organisation’s practices.

You’re required to declare in your application that you’ve performed due diligence checks.

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Last updated: 25 Nov 2019