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How to notify us of a merger, acquisition or amalgamation

To notify us of a merger, acquisition, amalgamation or similar change of control, you must complete a Notice of a change of control involving a merger, acquisition or amalgamation form.

We recommend completing and submitting a Notice before making any legally binding commitments involving such a change of control in your organisation.

The form assists you to explain:

  • the reasons for, and nature of the change of control
  • how the services agreed in the contract are affected
  • the measures in place or planned to address the effects
  • existing and planned subcontracting arrangements.

You must answer all questions truthfully and sign the declaration at the end of the form.

The form is the mechanism by which you adhere to the notification requirements agreed to in the contract. In addition, the completed form and signed declaration serve as assurance to us that you carried out the necessary due diligence to understand the nature of the transaction and how it may affect your contract with us and the funding you receive.

Once you’ve completed all required details and signed the declaration, please submit the form by email to your DCJ contract manager.

We strongly recommend you obtain independent legal advice in relation to the Notice before submitting it to us.

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Last updated: 26 Nov 2019