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Your obligations for managing complaints

Your organisation is responsible for responding to, and resolving complaints about the contracted services it delivers.

Under the contract with us, your organisation is required to have a complaint mechanism. This is to ensure you're able to effectively receive and resolve complaints.

In addition, under Section 3 Clause (2)(e) of the Community Services (Complaints, Reviews and Monitoring) Act 1993, ‘a service provider is to enable a complaint about the service to be dealt with fairly, informally and quickly and at a place convenient to the complainant’.

The provisions of the contract and the Act mean that, as an autonomous organisation, you have primary responsibility for investigating complaints about your organisation.

This includes complaints about:

  • the contracted services
  • the conduct of your staff
  • the decisions and actions of your management and governing body
  • the conduct of subcontractors that have our consent to fulfil part of, or all of the services we have contracted you to deliver.
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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019