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Reporting allegations of misconduct to us

You can report allegations of misconduct to the department when it involves:

  • our contract managers or other staff
  • members of your own organisation (whistleblowing)

by contacting your assigned contract manager, or their manager.

You can ask our contract manager for, and they are obliged to give you, contact details for their line manager, or the manager or director of their unit.

If you're not comfortable with this approach, you can report allegations of misconduct in the form of a complaint. Note that we handle allegations of misconduct separately from complaints, even if they're reported to us as, or as part of a complaint.

We're mindful that whistleblowers may fear reprisal if they speak out against their work colleagues or organisation. We'll always treat the matter with sensitivity, and protect the person’s identity and confidentiality to the extent possible.

If we believe it is appropriate to send the matter to the service provider for investigation, we'll consult with the whistleblower beforehand.

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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019