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How we deal with allegations of misconduct

The department’s Prudential Oversight unit is responsible for providing direction, assistance and support to our contract managers in relation to managing the key risks associated with contracted service delivery. This includes reviewing high risk, complex and escalated complaints, and investigating allegations of misconduct.

If someone who works for one of our funded service providers comes to us as a whistleblower, we encourage them to first refer to and follow their employer’s whistleblowing policy and procedure, where this is possible. Depending on how the allegation is dealt with, we may become involved.

If the allegation is about a non-senior staff member (that is, not a senior manager or executive), then Prudential Oversight may refer the matter to the service provider’s organisation to investigate and manage, by sending a Contracting Complaint Referral form for completion. This form explains the allegation, and identifies the information the service provider is required to return to us when it has investigated and resolved the matter.

If the allegation is about a senior staff member (a senior manager or executive), a member of the governing body, or the organisation is very small (with no distinct separation between strategic and operational roles), then Prudential Oversight will be involved in the investigation.

The Prudential Oversight unit may refer the allegation to another state, territory or federal government agency if the service provider also receives funding from the other agency, making that agency an interested party.

Prudential Oversight may also be required to refer the matter to one or more regulatory agencies, depending on the nature of the service provider’s organisation and the allegations made.

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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019