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The purpose and objectives of annual accountability

Annual accountability is a mandatory process that ensures the service providers we contract are accountable for the funding they receive and the services they’ve agreed to deliver on our behalf.

As an annual checkpoint for performance, it’s designed to work with the regular performance monitoring that forms part of our ongoing engagement with service providers.

The nature of that engagement is described in the Charter for working with contracted service providers.

In the charter, we commit to working with service providers to achieve the outcomes agreed in contracts. Service providers, in turn, ensure their organisations support stable and outcomes-focused service delivery.

Annual accountability is a practical demonstration of both parties honouring those commitments.

This robust process of checks and balances is designed to achieve the following four objectives:

  1. Ensure government funds are being used as agreed in contracts
  2. Identify any issues affecting a service provider’s ability to maintain stable, uninterrupted delivery of services
  3. Determine whether a service provider continues to have the capacity and capability to deliver better outcomes for our clients
  4. Reveal trends and common issues across programs and districts

The annual accountability overview and process description fully explains annual accountability, why it’s important to DCJ, and how we use the information we collect.

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Last updated: 08 Jul 2022