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Rent It Keep It factsheet

Who is the training package for?

Rent it Keep it is a training package for a community or housing worker to use with their clients who may have issues with housing or living skills. The package has been designed for people with little experience in the private rental market or who have had previous problems with their tenancies in the past.

The sections about maintaining a tenancy apply equally to private and social housing tenancies.

A separate Rent it Keep it package specifically created for Aboriginal clients is also available.

How to use the package

Many community agencies already provide their clients with information that is provided in Rent it Keep it. The package was developed in consultation with community agencies who contributed their ideas on content and presentation. Rent it Keep it provides a one-stop resource that arms a presenter with a readymade, high-quality presentation about tenancy issues.

Rent it Keep it may be used in a small group situation or face to face with an individual client. The package can be presented as a whole or a presenter may wish to ‘mix and match’ topics to meet the needs of a particular group.

Within the facilitator’s guide there is information on how to adapt the content for specific groups, such as young people or Aboriginal clients.

Each topic includes a facilitator guide, participant worksheet and overhead slides. How these components can be used in each session is outlined in the following table.

The package consists of 12 topics, each designed to be covered in approximately one hour. The topics are in three broad groupings as shown below.

Before you start

  1. Realistic expectations
  2. Money matters
  3. Practicalities
  4. Rights and responsibilities

Getting started

  1. Finding places to inspect
  2. Deciding to apply
  3. Starting a tenancy

Being a tenant

  1. Repairs and cleaning
  2. Managing expenses
  3. Relationships with neighbours and visitors
  4. Sharing accommodation
  5. Finishing a tenancy
Component Contents and use in the session
Facilitator guide
  • Session outline includes timing for activities, list of resources needed, and clear step-bystep guide on how to present the material
  • Background Information to deal with questions that might arise in the session
Participant worksheet

A double-sided take-home sheet for participants consisting of:

  • important points (key messages)
  • practical activities / checklists
  • contact details and references for further information
PowerPoint slides
  • For use in the session

Additional resources

Facilitators can obtain additional resources to ensure that they can promote their workshops and sessions as well as evaluation resources to fully implement the package. The additional resources include:

  • a train the trainer guide
  • a poster
  • client evaluation sheets
  • attendance certificates
  • participant self-assessment checklist to assess their readiness to sustain a tenancy
  • facilitator evaluation sheets on specific sessions and the overall package.
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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019