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Specialist Homelessness Services Program and Practice Guidelines

SHS Program Guidelines

The SHS Program Guidelines define the purpose of the program and appropriate use of funding. These guidelines are designed to assist you to plan and report on the performance and quality of your service.

SHS Practice Guidelines

The SHS Practice Guidelines contain key information and tools to help you as, a service provider, apply good practice design and service delivery principles.

These guidelines were developed so all service providers have consistent information about the principles and models of best practice across the homelessness services system. This means a client can receive a consistently high quality of service no matter where they enter the service system.

The practice guidelines are presented in a series of modules. Each module explains the elements that enable your service to deliver holistic client-centred responses in collaboration with the broader service system. There are also interactive forms to help you with self assessment and reporting.

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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019