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Information we collect and how we use it


All contracting complaints are recorded in a centrally managed contracting complaint register. It identifies which complaints have been referred to service providers for handling. The register is stored in our secure record management system.

Full details and all correspondence for each complaint are stored in a separate folder in the secure record management system.

Referral to other interested parties

Depending on the matters raised in the contracting complaint, we may refer the complaint, and any information collected in relation to it, to relevant state, territory or federal authorities.

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Information about the number and type of complaints received is used for reporting to the department’s executive team and to regulatory agencies, from time to time.

Complaint statistics may be made public. In this case, only non-identifying information is used; that is, the information does not reveal the identity of the complainant or service provider.

Annual performance assessments

Complaints are one of the criteria used for assessing a service provider’s corporate-level annual performance during the annual accountability process.

Our contract managers consider the number and types of complaints received about a service provider, relative the size and nature of the organisation. This may lead to a formal or informal plan for resolution, depending on the overall risk rating of the corporate-level assessment.

In addition, the results of assessments are used for sector-level risk reporting to the executive team.


We may use information collected about complaints when evaluating service providers’ tenders during re-contracting and other methods of procurement.

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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019