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Resources for the 2019–2020 process

You must submit your annual corporate- and contract-level accountability documents via the Contracting Portal on or before 18 December 2020. However, we encourage you to lodge your submission as soon as you can.

The following resources consist of:

  • documents that explain the process and requirements for completing your submissions
  • a sample template for the contract-level income and expenditure statement
  • forms to be filled in, signed and uploaded with your submissions.
Reporting annual accountability 2019–2020

This is the complete guide to everything you need to know about this year’s annual accountability process:

  • the process timeline
  • what you’re required to submit to DCJ
  • requirements for reporting any additional payments received for responding to COVID-19
  • special reporting requirements for Permanency Support Program (PSP) and Out-of-Home Care (OOHC) Contracted Care providers
  • this year’s arrangements for unspent funds
  • why we’re undertaking a count of Aboriginal organisations
  • changes to the forms in the Contracting Portal
  • the information you’re required to report in the corporate- and contract-level forms
  • detailed explanations of the fields on the forms, to clarify the information we require.
Reporting indirect contract administration costs The information on this web page clarifies what costs make up indirect contract administration costs and what you need to know about reporting them as expenses for your contract-level accountability.
Service provider declaration for corporate-level accountability 2019–2020

This must be filled in, signed and uploaded to the Contracting Portal as part of your corporate–level accountability submission.

It's used to confirm that your organisation:

  • complies with its ongoing responsibilities and contractual obligations
  • has submitted all information and documents requested by DCJ, and that they are true and correct.
Annual accountability certification for contract-level accountability 2019–2020

This must be filled in, signed and uploaded to the Contracting Portal as part of each contract-level accountability submission.

It's used to certify that your organisation met the financial responsibilities and contractual obligations for the reported financial year, including that you:

  • provided services as agreed in the contract
  • complied with the activities and performance requirements stated in the applicable Program Guidelines or Program Specifications, and achieved the results required
  • have the ability to repay any unspent funds, if required
  • collected and provided the data and information required, and that it’s true and correct.
Contract-level Income & Expenditure Statement template This template is available to use if your organisation doesn’t have a standard income and expenditure statement.
Contracting Portal

Use the the Annual Accountability – Corporate and Annual Accountability – Contract forms allocated to you in the Contracting Portal to complete your organisation’s annual accountability submission.

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Last updated: 11 Aug 2020