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Overview of the process

Every year, your organisation is required to report how you’ve complied with key elements of the contract with us and used the funding received from DCJ. There are separate requirements for reporting annual accountability at the corporate and contract levels.

You must also make declarations of adherence to your contract with us, and address requirements for any annual accountability focus areas required for that financial year.

Annual accountability submissions are a key input to the process of reviewing and assessing your annual performance. This is a two-part process for DCJ.

You may be contacted to provide information about your submission during one or both parts of the process.

The priority of Part 1 is to verify you’ve reported all necessary information; that is, answered all questions on the forms and uploaded all required documents. We’ll perform a preliminary review and crosscheck of the financial information to ensure it’s been reported as required and to address any inconsistencies as soon as possible. In addition, we’ll organise recovery of unspent funds, if required.

During Part 1, we’ll contact you if:

  • there’s incomplete or missing information on a form
  • documents haven’t been filled in correctly, signed or uploaded
  • there’s incomplete or inconsistent financial information; for example, figures typed in the contract-level accountability form don’t agree with figures in the submitted income and expenditure statement
  • we need to make arrangements with you to recover unspent funds.

Part 2 consists of performance and risk assessments conducted at the corporate and contract levels.

During Part 2, we’ll:

  • conduct a full financial analysis of your reported accountability and review your performance over the previous 12 months to identify any issues which may affect your ability to deliver services
  • assess the level of risk, based on whether any issues were identified and their severity
  • take the initial actions necessary to assist you to address any issues.

The assessments are based on your annual accountability submission, your regular performance reporting, and other information gathered during your interaction with DCJ over the previous 12 months.

We’ll contact you if there are any financial discrepancies or other matters to be clarified.

Note that under our contract with you, we can audit or review your accounts at any time, even though we’ve accepted the financial reporting of your annual accountability submission.

For 2018–19, 98.11 per cent of the performance and risk assessments were rated low, medium or no risk, meaning only 1.89 per cent of assessments were classified as high or very high risk. The assessments confirmed that most organisations are performing well and meeting their contractual obligations.

The annual accountability overview and process description:

  • describes the process we follow
  • provides more detail about the annual performance and risk assessments
  • explains when formal improvement plans may be required, according to the risk rating.
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Last updated: 12 Jul 2020