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Updated information about handling contracting complaints and protecting whistleblowers

Posted 5 August 2019

We’ve recently updated our policies about

  • how we handle contracting complaints and deal with allegations of misconduct
  • your responsibilities for resolving contracting complaints and protecting whistleblowers.

We decided to republish the material in web page format, rather than fact sheets in PDF format. This makes it more search-friendly and easier for you to find the content you need.

What have we changed?

The key changes are:

Moving the content to web pages also meant some general changes to the language, and we’ve replaced ‘FACS’ with our new department name.

Support and assistance

If you have any questions or need more information about these resources, please contact your assigned contract manager.

Annual accountability webinars for service providers

Posted 15 July 2019

Like some help completing the 2018–19 annual accountability process?

Join us in a live webinar from your computer, where you can:

  • go through the forms, question by question
  • find out answers to anything you’re not sure about
  • find out where to get other resources that can help you.

Register to attend one of these three dates by clicking the link below it:

  1. Monday 5 August at 2:00 pm
  2. Tuesday 6 August at 10:30 am
  3. Wednesday 7 August at 2:00 pm

Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive a confirmation email explaining how to join the webinar.

Any questions? Contact Contracting COMS NGO Support.

Update on the review of the Sector Development Program 2018–2020

Posted 21 June 2019

To ensure a capable and sustainable service system, the Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) funds 14 peak and consumer organisations to undertake capacity-building and advocacy activities under the Sector Development Program.

FACS is currently undertaking a review of the program throughout 2018–2019 to assess whether the program is meeting its objectives and identify opportunities for improvement.

The review is being completed in two phases:

  • Phase 1: Review – October 2018 to April 2019: Review of the performance of the program and assess whether the program is meeting its objectives and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Phase 2: Redesign – Commences June 2019: Collaborative program redesign, informed by Phase 1 review findings and supported by additional research and analysis. Phase 2 will be completed by early 2020 in time for a new funding cycle to commence in July 2020.

FACS worked closely with peaks and consumer organisations who provided some critical insights throughout the Phase 1 review process. Nous Group, an independent management consultancy, conducted extensive state-wide consultations with peak and community organisations and their members, FACS operational staff, commissioning and planning teams, program areas and other NSW government organisations through face-to-face forums, focus groups, interviews and a survey.

Phase 1 findings: An independent review by Nous Group, found the Sector Development Program has unique strengthens and delivers valued sector development activities.

For more information on the Sector Development Program review Phase 1 findings, please refer to the Executive Summary report.

Next steps

Phase 2 of the review has commenced during which we will redesign the program based on the findings in the review report, ready for the next program cycle from 2020 to 2023.

FACS will continue to work with peaks, consumers, and relevant stakeholders during this phase to ensure the program delivers value and contributes to a strong and capable sector, by:

  • Developing a program logic for the program to better enable transparency of expected outcomes and measures of performance;
  • Developing a transparent and equitable approach to allocation of funds;
  • Determining how the program aligns with other sector development activities funded by FACS

Find out more

To find out more, please contact

Annual accountability 2018–19

Posted 13 June 2019

Service providers will be allocated their annual accountability assessments on 1 July 2019. Service provider reports are due back to FACS by 31 October 2019.

We’ve released this year’s accountability resources

The resources are designed to be easy-to-follow and help you understand what’s required for reporting your organisation’s use of government funds as well as satisfying the other accountability obligations.

Two key documents are a must-read

Two documents are key to understanding the process and how to complete the annual accountability corporate- and contract-level reports:

Reporting annual accountability 2018-19 is a complete guide to everything you need to know about this year’s process. It explains:

  • the process timeline
  • what you are required to submit to FACS
  • the focus areas for this annual accountability reporting period
  • special reporting requirements for Permanency Support Program (PSP) and Out-of-Home Care (OOHC) Contracted Care providers
  • this year’s arrangements for unspent funds
  • the questions asked on corporate- and contract-level reporting forms, with an explanation of how to respond to the questions.

Other documents which may assist you in preparing your reports are:

As part of your reports, you will need to fill in, sign and upload the following two declarations:

Change of arrangements for unspent funds

This year, FACS will uphold the contract provisions for the return of unspent funds. This means all unspent funds for the 2018-19 financial year are to be returned to FACS, including amounts of $1000 or less, except in a very limited number of circumstances. Applications for consent to retain will not be accepted.

The only exceptions to automatic recovery of unspent funds for 2018–19 are when:

  • the contract stipulates that unspent funds may be retained, or
  • FACS has paid the funds in advance for use before 30 June 2020, or
  • the service provider has already been authorised to retain the unspent funds; for example, funds from 2017–18, or as previously authorised by the program manager.

Detailed information about these arrangements are in the guide to Reporting annual accountability 2018-19.

Your contract manager is there to help you

If you have any questions about these resources or any aspect of the annual accountability process, contact your FACS contract manager.

New web page design for funded contract management

Posted 4 June 2019

It’s now easier for you to find the material you need on the Deliver funded services page on the FACS website.

The page has been reorganised into a friendlier accordion style layout with just five key headings. It’s intended to be the go-to page for generic contract management information for FACS-funded service providers, and has been designed with input from our Service Provider Working Group.

The changes include:

  • contract information and the Funded Contract Management Framework’s foundation documents are located in the Contract, charter and framework section. This is a good starting point to find out about contract management or refresh your existing knowledge. It includes an A-Z glossary of terms used in funded contract management
  • all Funded Contract Management Framework Policies, guides, fact sheets and forms can now be browsed in a handy A-Z of relevant subjects
  • the new Resources section contains links to information external to FACS, including guides and tools related to the contract, governance and standards.
  • the Support and training section provides FACS District and Central Office contact details.

You can check in regularly with the News and updates section which always contains details of latest releases.

Please test the new site and let us know if it works for you. Send any feedback or suggestions to

Bookmark the Deliver funded services page, now.

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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019