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Annual accountability 2017–18 survey

The FACS Partnerships directorate has released a short survey about the annual accountability process for the 2017–18 financial year.

Annual accountability is a mandatory process that ensures funded service providers are accountable for the funding they receive and the services they are contracted to deliver on behalf of the NSW Government.

The aim of the survey is to evaluate useability of the materials, and satisfaction with the 2017-18 process, its associated training and support.

The survey findings will contribute to how annual accountability is managed for 2018-19. Your feedback is important for our continual improvement and your experience of the process.

You can complete the survey before the closing date Thursday 18 April 2019.

If you have any questions about the survey, please email

Posted 9 April 2019

New resources covering contracting issues and complaints

New resources about contracting complaints and issues have been added to the FACS website.

The resources include advice on:

A short video outlines these processes and is a useful first step in understanding the resources and requirements.

A handy guide is also available on who to contact if you want to make a complaint, an allegation of misconduct or a suggestion, or give a compliment.

Posted 5 February 2019

Funded contract management overview released

A new document explaining funded contract management, why it’s important and how it is implemented through the Funded Contract Management Framework has been uploaded to the FACS website.

The Funded contract management overview is a comprehensive look at how funded contract management is positioned in relation to strategic government priorities and how it fits in with the commissioning process.

It outlines the process for managing funded contracts and includes a detailed diagram depicting the objective, guiding principles, processes and expected outcomes.

The overview presents the FACS Funded Contract Management Charter, addressing the relationship between FACS and service providers.

It also contains useful information on FACS-funded contracts and the processes for monitoring and supporting them.

The overview is the outcome of extensive consultation with the Funded Contract Management Service Provider Working Group and peak organisations.  It demonstrates the mutual commitment of FACS and funded service providers to a strengths-based approach and shared responsibility for helping clients achieve the outcomes agreed in contracts.

The overview is an excellent resource for anyone new to funded contract management or for those who would like to refresh their understanding of how the Framework operates.

Posted 5 February 2019

Statements of service

A guide explaining how to apply for a Statement of Service from FACS has been developed. Statements of Service confirm details of the contractual arrangements you have with FACS and other relevant information. FACS does not provide references or referees.

The Guide to applying for a FACS Statement of Service outlines the steps involved in making an application, and explains the types of information that will be included in the statement. An application form has also been developed to assist you.


The Glossary for funded contract management, comprising definitions of many of the terms used in the Funded Contract Management Framework and its associated documents, is now available online. Refer to the glossary if you are unclear about any of the definitions in the framework.

Authorised signatories

A new version of the document What you need to know about authorised signatories for FACS documents has recently been uploaded. It contains minor changes, including changing the word ‘companies’ to ‘organisations’ and ‘board’ to ‘governing body’; the addition of a clearer heading to the section about delegated authority; and other minor formatting changes.


New versions of the subcontracting resources have been uploaded.

The most notable change is renaming the application forms, which are now:

In the Guide to applying for consent to subcontract FACS-funded services we have added a table of contents, and additional information about the Application for consent to subcontract FACS-funded services to individuals form.

Review of the Sector Development Program 2018–2020

Phase 1 statewide consultations for the review takes place in November 2018 through face-to-face forums, focus groups, interviews and a survey.

You can find out more about the program by reading the Sector Development Program news item.

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Last updated: 09 Apr 2019