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Programs and grants

NSW Domestic and Family Violence Funding program

The NSW domestic and family violence funding program focuses on prevention and early intervention and also men’s behaviour change, investment in the service sector and evidence-based initiatives.

The Integrated Domestic and Family Violence Services program

The Integrated Domestic and Family Violence Services program (IDFVS) is a multi-agency, integrated and coordinated response to prevent the escalation of domestic and family violence among high risk groups. Coordinated services are provided through a multi-disciplinary team or are based on clear referral pathways. The IDFVS program provides crisis support and information case management as well as case coordination and referrals.

Staying Home Leaving Violence program

The Staying Home Leaving Violence program is a specialised domestic and family violence program to reduce risk to women and children experiencing domestic and family violence and prevent their homelessness. The program supports women and children to stay safely in their own home, or home of their choice, while the perpetrator is removed. The aim is to reduce the likelihood of displacement and disruption to children’s educational, personal and social development.

Local domestic and family violence committee grants

The NSW Government’s approach to domestic and family violence increases the focus on prevention and early intervention. As part of this approach, small grants of up to $1,000 are available for Local Domestic and Family Violence Committees across NSW to help them raise awareness about the impact of violence against women and also the local services and support available to victims.

Visit the Women NSW website for more information.


Domestic and family violence organisations

1. The Domestic and Family Violence Council

The Council’s role is to advise the NSW Government on all aspects of domestic and family violence policy and programs. Visit the Women NSW website for more information about the council.

2. Domestic Violence NSW

Domestic Violence NSW is the peak body representing specialist domestic and family violence service providers in our state. You'll find more information on the Women NSW website and on Domestic Violence NSW.

Plans and strategies

National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women

The National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children aims to connect governments, community organisations and individuals that are working to reduce violence against women so that they can work together. For more information, visit the The National Plan website.

NSW Domestic and Family Violence Blueprint for Reform 2016-2021

The NSW Domestic and Family Violence  Blueprint for Reform 2016-2021: Safer Lives for Women, Men and Children sets out the directions and actions to reform the domestic violence system in NSW over the next five years.

The Blueprint provides the framework for building an effective system that addresses the causes and responds to the symptoms of domestic and family violence. It includes strategies to prevent domestic and family violence, intervene early with individual and communities at risk, support victims, hold perpetrators to account, and improve the quality of services and the system as a whole.

NSW Domestic And Family Violence Prevention And Early Intervention Strategy 2017-2021

The NSW Domestic and Family Violence Prevention and Early Intervention Strategy 2017-2021 (‘the Strategy’) sets out a direction for the way NSW Government agencies, non-government organisations and communities, design and implement prevention and early intervention strategies over the next four years.

NSW Sexual Assault Strategy

The NSW Government is developing a NSW Sexual Assault Strategy to improve prevention and response to sexual assault and sexual violence in NSW. More information also from NSW Sexual Assault Strategy: Progress Report

Tools and resources

Domestic Violence Safety Assessment Tool

Domestic Violence Safety Assessment Tool (DVSAT) For use by non-government service providers and government agencies other than NSW Police Force. The DVSAT has primarily been designed for use in intimate partner violence situations.

Service providers who decide to use the DVSAT in other situations should be mindful that some of the questions in Part A might not be relevant. Service providers should use their professional judgement about the appropriateness of individual questions.

The DVSAT does not change or replace existing child protection obligations and procedures

Download Domestic Violence Safety Assessment Tool

Domestic Violence Safety Assessment Tool Guide

A guide on how to use the Domestic Violence Safety Assessment Tool.

Download Domestic Violence Safety Assessment Tool Guide

Domestic Violence Information Sharing Protocol

The Domestic Violence Information Sharing Protocol (Protocol) was developed by the NSW Department of Justice in partnership with government agencies, including the NSW Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ)), Legal Aid NSW, the NSW Police Force and NSW Health

Download Domestic Violence Information Sharing Protocol


More information about domestic and family violence

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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019