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Access to enAble RPA

DCJ has just launched enAble RPA.

What is it? enAble RPA is an enabling tool. It has been designed to empower and support the NSW disability sector to recognise and appropriately respond to restrictive practices.
The Senior Practitioner, Disability in Victoria, developed the Restrictive Intervention Self-Evaluation Tool (RISET) to assist disability service providers to understand the use of restrictive practices. The purpose of the tool was to guide users through important information to help them understand when a restrictive practice could or has occurred.
enAble RPA is a tailored version of the RISET tool, adapted for NSW.

Why it Matters. Using this tool, users will learn more about restrictive practices and how they are regulated in NSW, including when a practice needs to be authorised before it can be used. Users will also learn about better ways to support the person to minimise and eliminate the use of restrictive practices. enAble RPA also supports users to identify the use of a restrictive practice and plan and prepare for the support of a person who may use behaviours of concern.

How it Works. Access to enAble RPA in the RPA System ‘News’ section, and the link is also located in the DCJ RP team’s signature block. No login is required and access is free. enAble RPA can be used on mobile devices such as smartphones and iPads. A save function and a print function are also a features of the tool. Saving or printing a PDF is a useful function as this can show how enAble RPA has supported the user to clarify their understanding of restrictive practices. enAble does not record any identifying information about the user or their associated interest areas in the tool.

Who It's For? enAble RPA is for everyone, people with disability, service providers, support staff, families, employers, RPA Panel members and policy staff.

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Last updated: 02 Sep 2020