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Placement mechanisms

Taking on responsibility for placing all children and young people in statutory care means non-government agencies need to work together at a local level to respond when placements are at risk of breakdown or unplanned placement changes are required.

The implementation of placement mechanisms, including placement matching panels, across the state is an excellent example of Community Services and agencies working very effectively together at the local level to meet the needs of children in OOHC.

Placement Matching Panels in action

Community Service Metro West region Placement Matching Panel (PMP) is a leading example of collaboration in action between Community Services CFRU (Child & Family Regional Unit) and non-government agencies in the region to achieve the best placements for children and young people in care.

The panel meets fortnightly to discuss profiles of children and young people requiring placement and match them to available agency carers. These panels ensure the child’s needs always paramount.

While the PMP can’t answer all the challenges a complex child protection system faces, it does represent an opportunity to raise and discuss sector-wide issues and broaden understanding by all parties as well as secure long-term matches between children carers.

Metro West PMP aims

  • Improve matching children and young people to available placements.
  • Improve placement stability.
  • Share sector knowledge and discuss sector issues.
  • Improve collaboration.
  • Improve accountability, openness and transparency.
  • Increase participation of non-government sector.
  • Become a unified voice in the sector.
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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019