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An online system to strengthen transparency, reliability and responsiveness for placement referrals to NGOs has been developed. The Referral Management System (RMS) state wide rollout was completed on 29 April 2013.

The RMS is a transparent mechanism for ‘real-time’ placement referrals to all NGOs. The RMS is not a replacement for communications between stakeholders within the districts in regards to placements for children and young people. RMS complements the current placement matching mechanisms across the districts and allows for accurate recording of referral types and outcomes.

All contracted out-of-home care placement providers in relevant districts will see details of all referrals of new placements in real time and will be able to respond in real time.

Transparent system

NGOs and Community Services (CS) RMS users can generate reports on each referral and view its complete history. Every referral and the actions relating to it are recorded on the RMS.  This ensures both the NGOs and CS have accurate and timely reporting in regards to referring placements and their acceptance status. At all times NGOs and CS can transparently view all referrals made.

Development, enhancements and further testing of the RMS has been made in consultation with NGOs and CS stakeholders, with stakeholder feedback very positive.

Business support

User resources are available via the help menu within RMS.

The RMS Project team continue to provide business support to both CS and NGOs about any system issues to help support their use of RMS. If CS or NGOs have any feedback or questions about either RMS or the business rules, please forward an email to the RMS mailbox

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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019