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The transition of OOHC in NSW is now in its second stage, with Stage 2 taking place from 2013-2014.

Stage 2 of the transition is guided by the OOHC Transition Strategic Plan 2013-2014. The Strategic Plan 2013-2014 is focused on establishing and improving systems and processes to support the transition. It lists 4 key statewide strategies and transition aims for 2013-2014, and outlines actions and activities to meet these aims.

The OOHC Transition Strategic Framework Stage 2 – 2013-2014 more clearly identifies activities to be undertaken in 2013-14, and outlines statewide responsibilities across the sector.

It outlines statewide responsibilities across the OOHC sector, in particular TPO partners and Community Services directorates.

The Framework Stage 2 also identifies actions and activities the TPO will undertake in 2013-2014 to meet transition outcomes and aims, as outlined in the Out-of-Home Care Transition Strategic Plan 2013-2014.

The principle purpose of the Framework Stage 2 is to:

  • outline actions under the four strategies identified in the Strategic Plan 2013-2014
  • provide a detailed outline of responsibilities of the TPO and Community Services directorates for actioning and reporting against
  • outline current TPO partner roles and responsibilities
  • outline current governance mechanisms that support the transition of out-of-home care service provision
  • outline strategies to further develop governance mechanisms for a sustainable non-government sector beyond June 2014.
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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019