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A young person with disability may already have an NDIS plan as part of their out-of-home care (OOHC) case plan. In preparation for leaving care, make sure there is a coordinated response to meet their additional needs related to disability.

The NDIS Plan

The NDIS plan outlines funded support to meet the young person’s disability needs and complements their leaving care plan. It does not replace other leaving care case planning responsibilities. The NDIS plan typically covers a 12 month period and is reviewed and updated on an annual basis.

Talk with the young person and carer to identify if the supports funded in their NDIS plan currently meet their disability needs. If the NDIS plan adequately meets their disability needs, incorporate these into the leaving care plan. Consider if any of the supports might be impacted or change as the young person transitions to adulthood. They should not overlap with other support and entitlements required to help the young person transition to independence.

If the NDIS plan is inadequate contact the NDIA on 1800 800 110 and ask for a review.

Arranging their first NDIS plan

If they do not have an NDIS plan and need one to help support their disability needs, contact the NDIA for an access request. Organise a pre-meeting with the young person and carer to discuss and complete the NDIS planning checklist prior to meeting with an NDIA representative. Include clear, relevant and focused goals in the young person’s NDIS plan for leaving care that supports their transition to independence and meets their future disability support needs.

A review or access request requires supporting documentation such as assessments, letters or behaviour support plans from specialists or doctors. It is helpful to check with the young person, carer and other services such as the school to see what documentation is available to support the review or application for NDIS funding.

NDIS Booklet for young people with disability

If appropriate, provide a copy of the NDIS KidsBooklet 15+ to the young person to think about and complete prior to the planning meeting with the NDIA representative.

Everyone has a role to play

Work together with the young person, carer, support coordinator and/or NDIS planner to ensure everyone knows their role in actioning the NDIS plan.

The leaving care plan includes the key elements and how NDIS funded supports address the young person’s disability needs. Further details for the young person with disability should outline:

  • any additional needs related to where the young person can live or how they can travel (for example supported living or modifications to equipment)
  • how the young person will care for themselves day to day, make decisions, manage their money, health, and medication
  • the young person’s needs for clinical therapy, counselling and behaviour support
  • how the young person will be supported to stay connected to their family, culture and community
  • the young person’s goals and aspirations
  • other needs related to their disability.
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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019