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Leaving care does not mean having to leave home.  Living in a stable, supportive and loving environment with a carer can continue past the age of 18.

Where a young person can remain with their carer or another significant person in their life such as an aunty or cousin, this is highly encouraged. However, some young people will need support with accommodation where this staying put is not an option. Consider local housing support products and packages available for teenagers and young adults to help them find and maintain affordable accommodation.

Finding accommodation can be difficult, especially if a young person is also finishing school or looking for employment. Leaving a home without support can result in couch surfing, ending up in a shelter or homelessness.

FACS is dedicated to funding services to support all people in need of housing support or facing homelessness. This includes ‘Housing Pathways’ and other options of private rental assistance, subsidies and temporary accommodation.

Rent support

Homelessness and emergency services

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