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NSW Ombudsman


The work of the NSW Ombudsman that relates to child protection is  governed by the Ombudsman  Act 1974 and the Community  Services (Complaints, Reviews and Monitoring) Act 1993 (CS CRAMA).

Under Part 3A of the Ombudsman Act the role of the Ombudsman is to oversight and review agency investigations into allegations of reportable conduct against employees of certain agencies.

The role of the NSW Ombudsman under CS CRAMA is to handle complaints in relation to, and to monitor and review, the provision of  community services.


  • scrutinise the systems put in place by designated agencies and other public authorities for preventing reportable conduct by employees, and for handling and responding to allegations of reportable conduct or convictions by those agencies and authorities
  • receive and assess notifications concerning reportable allegations or convictions against an employee
  • monitor investigations of reportable allegations and convictions against employees
  • conduct investigations concerning reportable allegations or convictions, or concerning any inappropriate handling of, or response to, a reportable notification or conviction
  • conduct audits and education and training activities to improve understanding of, and responses to, reportable  allegations
  • handle complaints about the provision of, or failure to provide, a community service, or about the withdrawal, variation  or administration of a community service
  • monitor and reviewing the delivery of  community services, and inquiring into matters affecting service providers and consumers
  • review of the situation of a child in care, or a group of children in care
  • review the deaths of certain children and people with a disability. This includes children in statutory care; children  living in disability accommodation services; and children whose death were, or might have been, due to abuse or neglect or that occurred in suspicious  circumstances
  • review complaint-handling systems of  service providers
  • coordinate and oversight official community visitors, visiting out-of-home care services
  • provide information, education and training in relation to standards for community services and complaint handling in community services, and promote access to advocacy support to enable consumer participation in decision about the services they receive.

NSW Ombudsman and DCJ report card

Since 2015 DCJ and the NSW Ombudsman have used an Integrated Governance Framework (IGF) to track DCJ progress towards implementing systemic reforms and addressing discrete practice issues identified through the Ombudsman’s work. Over 25 discrete issues have since been addressed, with work continuing on a further 13 issues. To promote awareness of this work, DCJ and the Ombudsman have agreed to issue an annual report card outlining:

  • key achievements
  • activities still underway
  • a snapshot of the broader DCJ reforms aimed at addressing the efficiency and responsiveness of the child protection system.

Read the inaugural report card.

More information can be found at NSW Ombudsman.

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Last updated: 21 Oct 2019