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Courts involving children and young people

When it is not safe for a child or young person to remain with their family, a court order may be necessary to provide a safe, stable and nurturing home.

Legal support for parents, carers and families

Referrals to free legal services including Community Legal Centres (CLCs) should be made at the earliest opportunity.

Referrals are appropriate at any stage in circumstances where there are concerns for the safety and wellbeing of the child, regardless of whether there is an upcoming legal matter.

As well as providing legal advice, CLCs can provide a range of other useful advice and services including:

  • assisting parents to understand their interactions with DCJ
  • explaining to parents what is expected of them
  • discussing different options for the child
  • making referrals to applicable services
  • providing specialist domestic violence advice
  • encouraging men using violence to take responsibility for their behaviour and assist women to find safety from their violent partners.

In many instances, Aboriginal people may require or ask to be referred to a service delivered by their own communities. The Aboriginal Legal Services provide culturally safe legal and non-legal assistance to Aboriginal families experiencing vulnerability. For more information visit

Other helpful links to legal support

  • A list of free legal services is available on the DCJ webpage.
  • Legal Aid NSW provides specific services to parents, children and young people who have safety, welfare and wellbeing concerns.
  • Law Access NSW is available if a family or young person is unsure of the type of service they need and require further advice and direction.
  • Families may also choose to progress legal proceedings with a private solicitor.

Additional resources and links


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Last updated: 03 May 2021