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Update on the TEI reform

You may by now have heard of some updates to the TEI reform. Firstly, we want to assure you of our commitment that all services will continue to be funded at their current level until June 2020. This will provide you with funding certainty so you can continue ongoing service delivery for your clients under your current contract, and allow ample time to collaborate around TEI planning and the development of improved local service models.

Good progress has been made regarding local planning, and soon we will share with you the results of this process. There has been collaboration with providers and peaks, detailed local analysis of existing services, the TEI Outcomes Framework has been completed, and sector capability funding delivered and commenced. This has been a long process, and we appreciate your ongoing engagement. So that we can continue to work together as we plan for the future we want update you on some of the next steps for TEI and related reforms over the next 18 months. We will focus on building on what we have learnt regarding the needs of our communities as well as improving outcomes from our ongoing investment in early intervention services.

You will not be asked to make the changes to your service delivery during this contract term, but FACS welcomes early adopters and will support those wishing to adjust their service model in line with our priorities. In the coming months we will:

  • Establish an Early Intervention Evidence Fund to support NGOs evaluate services and help build a stronger local evidence base of what is working locally.
  • Launch a showcase of What Works for prevention and early intervention research in 2019, to curate the best of local and international evidence for social and economic outcomes. This evidence base will inform re-commissioning in 2020.
  • We will begin working with you to help map your work against the TEI Outcomes Framework.
  • We will present district snapshots with the latest available data to articulate the needs of local communities.
  • We will also begin working with you to prepare for a transition to a new data collection service, the Department of Social Services’ Data Exchange (DEX). This will reduce duplication and make data recording easier for you.
  • Your peaks will continue to deliver sector assistance services to help you improve your services and plan for change if needed.
  • We will partner with you on related reforms across the service system including the Their Futures Matter reforms for vulnerable children, young people and families.
  • In 2019 we will commence planning and co-designing with you for the re-commissioning in 2020. This will be informed by current reforms underway including Their Futures Matter.
  • We will keep you updated through your Peaks, District leaders and TEI newsletters.

We are committed to developing a long-term vision for early intervention services. This means, the integration of our TEI programs with complementary reforms, including the Permanency Support Program and Their Futures Matter. We will develop this vision in partnership with you. Providers will be invited to participate in Their Futures Matter consultation for the redesign of the access system. In addition, two workshops were held with the Ministerial Advisory Group (MAG) on 17 October and 13 November. The MAG was provided with an update on the work to date, and input was sought on the design and on preferred ways of working with the MAG in the future.  Insights will be presented to the TFM Board at the end of November 2018, alongside the strategic business case for consideration. Further consultation and advice from the sector will be undertaken after the board meeting in November.

We will be in touch about DEX training. Initial training has been scheduled as follows:

DEX training

Date and venue

Target audience

DEX intro webinar Available anytime
  • All stakeholders via webinar link (to be provided soon)
  • Strongly recommended for new DEX users
Sydney Metro # 1 Mon 10 Dec 2018
Parramatta RSL
  • Sydney metro TEI service providers
Sydney Metro # 2 Tue 11 Dec 2018 Mercure (next to Central)
  • Sydney metro TEI   service providers
District FACS staff Wed 12 Dec 2018 Parramatta RSL
  • FACS District   Commissioning & Planning staff

Further information is available at To discuss any aspect of the TEI reforms please contact Anthony Shannon, Director, Inclusion and Early Intervention at

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Last updated: 11 Jan 2019