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What is the Targeted Earlier Intervention (TEI) program?

“Effective prevention and early intervention is possibly the most promising strategy for changing the trajectories of children."

'Better systems, better chances' Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth 2015

Evidence shows that children’s life chances are affected by both their families and communities, and that both can be changed for the better. The TEI program delivers a wide variety of support to children, young people, families and communities.

Each local community has different priorities and needs and so the TEI program is flexible, responsive and locally based.

Services are delivered under two broad streams:

‘Community Strengthening’ – activities that build cohesion, inclusion and wellbeing across all communities, and empower Aboriginal communities.

‘Wellbeing and Safety’ – activities that support families and individuals, and provide opportunities for personal development.

The TEI program supports the people who need it earlier on, to make the biggest difference.

To hear real stories of hope and transformation from the TEI program, visit Spotlight on Targeted Earlier Intervention or explore our website to find out more.

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Last updated: 15 Nov 2023